At the first meeting I receive and I analyze information about your room, we discuss your requirements, find out your color and stylistic preferences. It is desirable to fill in the questionnaire in advance, in a quiet home environment, without haste and together with all you family members.


Stage 1


At this stage I structure the received information, form a document, which will be the basis for further designing.

Specification components:

1.1. Preliminary studying of an object - determination of architectural features, presence of the sun in a room and other nuances for color and planning scheme.

1.2. Collecting biographical particulars - I fix your wishes and preferences received at personal meeting or on the Internet.

1.3. Analysis of graphic and informational materials - we will discuss with you the information received from the questionnaire, photo of the interiors which were pleasant to you and also what exactly attracts you in concrete interiors and what doesn’t and why.

1.4. Carrying out of measurements and creation of a working drawing, precise data of control measurements will allow to spend materials optimally, to avoid mistakes during further activities, as well as effectively use the opportunities of your room.

1.5. Photofixing i.g. photo of walls, unibody constructions, window openings, communications will help address to basic data for coordination of decisions at any stage.

1.6. Description and analysis of engineering networks, in the project all communications have to be taken into account.

1.7. Zoning of space - definition of rooms location, calculation of needed areas.

1.8. Determination of style and the project concept - on the basis of all collected data I prepare the concept of the room decorating, color scale, materials and filling of interior.

Stage 2

Outline sketch

After completion of the specification I will develop a detailed planning decision taking into account features of architecture of your room, a way of life of family members. After discussion and making all necessary changes and additions, the final planning option is created as well as a plan of arrangement of furniture items.

Stage 3

3D visualization of the project

At desire, you can order three-dimensional visualization of an interior on basis of the approved sketch. On the picture you will see all premises and bathrooms how they will look in a result - with display of colors, materials, lighting, glossy and opaque surfaces.

Also, for descriptive reasons, you can choose only sketches. You will have an opportunity to bring adjustments before start of the construction works that will help prevent expenses on further alterations.

Stage 4

Project documentation

For implementation of the project you receive working documentation for builders - a set of all necessary drawings and specifications.

4.1. Selection of materials
At this stage on the basis of collages (or 3D images) the final version of a complete set of object is formed: materials, furniture, equipment (bathroom equipment, doors, windows, electric devices).

4.2. Working documentation
With the received documentation you will easily undergo a re-planning coordination procedure, will be able to compare service prices of private crews and construction companies which, in turn, will be able to realize the project with an accuracy.

4.3. Production of individual items
For production of individual constructions (built-in furniture, table- tops) we provide dimensions, materials, features of the decision to the technologist of chosen contract organization. The contractor provides working drawings which are coordinated with the client or the designer before payment to the manufacturer.

4.4. list of sketches

  • Plan of room measurements
  • Plan of room after re-planning with an explication
  • Plan of re-planning with arrangement of furniture
  • Plan of re-planning with arrangement of furniture with sizes
  • Plan of dismantle of partitions and engineering communications
  • Plan of built partitions with marking window and doorways
  • Plan of a floor with indication of a floor covering type
  • Plan of placement of plinths
  • Plan of heat-insulated floors with binding of regulators
  • Plan of a ceiling with indication of used material
  • Detailed plans of a ceiling with forms and cuts
  • Plan of placement of ceiling eaves
  • Plan of placement of lamps
  • Plan of binding of lamps
  • Plan of placement of switches
  • Plan of binding of switches
  • Plan of placement of power and low-current sockets
  • Plan of binding of sockets
  • Plan of filling of doorways
  • Development of walls in rooms
  • Cuts of difficult constructive elements of interior (niches, stained-glass windows)
  • Development of walls with a tile apportion indicating a size, article and area of the chosen materia
  • Schematic plan of placement of heating radiators
  • Schematic plan of placement of conditioning devices and ventilating grates
  • Drawings of built-in furniture and furniture which are carried out on the individual order (in case of need)

Additional services

  • Development of production drawings

    As an additional service, we develop the production drawings for manufacture of individual pieces of furniture according to which the contractors will be able to make the items precisely corresponding to the project.

  • Designer Supervision

    You can also order Designer Supervision: - control of the project implementation; - supervision of construction brigade. While controlling the process of the project implementation, I see after compliance of the project realization with a plan and I resolve the issues connected with the project divergences on a place.

  • Сomplete set

    To save the time and avoid possible mistakes, you can use our services in selection and deliveries of pieces of furniture, equipment, finishing materials specified in the project. We carefully check the suppliers and contractors, we strive for the maximum compliance with the project and competent distribution of the budget.

  • Interior design and turnkey repair in Switzerland and Italy

    You can order the design project of interior and performance of all repair works in your apartment or house in Switzerland or Italy in our bureau.

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