Cooperation (information for suppliers and partners)

Main advantage of cooperation with our company: We always strive for receiving the best result which will be favorable both to you and for ElixirHome.

Our proposals:

  • We invite design studios to long-term cooperation, thus our company has designers technologists who professionally are engaged in development of production drawings for manufacture of any furniture on order according to your sizes.
  • The ElixirHome company directly cooperates with the Italian producers of furniture, therefore it able to organize a trip to the factories of Italy for detailed learning the production process, materials and so forth. All information is in the section “Services” on the company’s site ("Furniture Tour").
  • We invite to cooperation the suppliers of furniture, finishing materials; the companies rendering services of premises design. We are ready to become a reliable and favorable partner  for you.

Our company works by the principle of transparent business that assumes mutual respect, honesty and observance of rules of ethics in business relations. Observance of this principle allows making cooperation productive, long and mutually advantageous.

Addressing to the ElixirHome company for cooperation, you have to understand and accept our rules. The requirements are reasonable, therefore we recommend to learn them before you decide to address to us:

1. Rapid response to the proposed projects of cooperation. Pressure of work is your "plus", but it can become "a minus" unless you respond to our offers quickly. Estimate your working opportunities when addressing to our company for not to get mutual disappointment.

2.​ Efficiency of cooperation: a particular person has to be in charge of meeting the requirements of the project, the person with whom we can constantly communicate in working hours. We have to have an opportunity to contact this person for the fast solution of the arisen issues.

3.​ Terms of a task performance cannot be changed without a serious reason, you have to inform us about emergence of force majeur circumstances in time. In all other cases observance of the contract terms is immutable.

4.​ Highly qualified staff:

  • a worker responsible for the project implementation has to be competent, because the whole responsibility will be on him;
  • products quality control has to comply with the terms of reference and should be carried out by your company. It is unacceptable to shift this task to a designer or customer of the project.
  • foresight in cooperation: errors and omissions should be eliminated timely and competently.

5.​ Clear cost of services: a specialist who will be responsible for the project should be aware of the prices in order to define cost of works and materials for making a decision about collaboration by the customer.

6.​ Providing consultancy to the customers for choosing the most appropriate solution in the project implementation.

Observance of the elementary rules of communication in cooperation will allow solving any problems quickly, therefore note in the letter:

  • reliable and full information about your company, note the contacts which will allow to specify cooperation details quickly;
  • a miniportfolio with information about your services, projects, cost of services, time for order implementation;
  • include information on several most successful projects, customer reviews and their contact information;
  • for sure specify the main advantage of your company which will allow to make our choice in your favour.

Inviting to cooperation, we strive for creation of the mutually beneficial long-term relations, therefore our company is always open for consideration of your business prosals.

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